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KY Nursing Students, we need your help!

The Center for Courageous Kids

CCK is a not for profit medical camp which began serving children and their families in 2008. Our mission is instilling inspiration and empowerment, while enhancing the lives of children with serious illnesses. The year-round camp programs have served over 36,000 campers from 45 states and 13 countries. CCK provides respite and support for children with serious illness and special needs and their families. In a world where these children are often told they cannot, at CCK they can. Our campers enjoy activities like horseback riding, boating, fishing, rock climbing, and bowling with no limitations or restrictions because the camping facility is fully accessible. CCK also provides 24-hour supervision by experienced medical specialists so campers can laugh and play safely under the watchful eye of doctors, nurses and therapists who are experienced in their diagnosis. At CCK, children have the opportunity to take a break from their daily medical challenges and focus on enjoying camp! CCK family weekend retreats and summer camp sessions are offered at no cost to the children and families we serve. 

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