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The Nurse, the Error, the Movement: Don't Miss RaDonda Vaught at KANS!

February 10th, Western Kentucky University, prepare to stand with a nurse who stood for all of us. RaDonda Vaught, the Vanderbilt nurse whose story redefined "medical error," will grace the KANS stage with her powerful voice and unyielding courage.

Her name is etched in nursing history. In 2017, Vaught made a mistake. A tragic, life-altering mistake. But instead of a quiet apology, she faced a courtroom, criminal charges, and the chilling question: can a good nurse be a criminal?

Vaught's trial wasn't just about her; it was about every nurse. It ignited a national debate, forcing us to confront the harsh realities of a profession where pressure bleeds into perfectionism, and where human fallibility collides with human life.

Join us as Vaught shares her story, not as a victim, but as a warrior. Hear her firsthand account of the harrowing trial, the unwavering support of her peers, and the fight for a future where compassion overpowers blame.

This isn't just a keynote; it's a wake-up call. It's a chance to explore the emotional toll of errors, the cracks in patient safety systems, and the urgent need for a system that supports, not punishes, its most dedicated caregivers.

Leave your assumptions at the door, Kentucky nurses. This is RaDonda Vaught, unfiltered, unafraid, and ready to lead us towards a better, more humane future for healthcare.

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness courage, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of a nurse who dared to question everything.

Register for the KANS Conference today! Stand with RaDonda. Stand for nursing.

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