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Calling All Kentucky Nursing Students! Free NCLEX® Resources to Help You CRUSH the Exam! 🩺

As you gear up for the NCLEX exam, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information you need to master. Don't worry, Kentucky Association of Nursing Students (KANS) is here to help you ace the exam with a fantastic resource:

Kaplan's NCLEX® Review: Free Practice Test & Resources!

Kaplan, a leader in test preparation, offers a comprehensive NCLEX® review program designed to boost your confidence and increase your chances of success. And guess what? They're offering KANS members exclusive access to:

  • A FREE NCLEX® practice test: Get a taste of the actual exam with 50 challenging questions that cover all four NCLEX® client needs categories. Receive detailed answer explanations and rationales to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Free access to NCLEX® study materials: Gain valuable insights with Kaplan's insightful blog articles, helpful study tips, and informative test-taking strategies.

  • Special discounts on Kaplan's NCLEX® Review Courses: If you need additional support, Kaplan offers comprehensive online and live online courses. KANS members receive exclusive discounts on these courses, giving you access to expert instruction, personalized study plans, and a wealth of practice questions.

Benefits of using Kaplan's NCLEX® Review:

  • Sharpen your clinical judgment: Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for making sound clinical decisions during the NCLEX® and in your nursing practice.

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses: Gain a clear understanding of your knowledge gaps and focus your study efforts on the areas that need the most attention.

  • Build confidence and test-taking stamina: Get familiar with the NCLEX® format and question types, reducing anxiety and enhancing your test-taking performance.

  • Increase your chances of passing the first time: With Kaplan's proven methods and effective resources, you'll be well-prepared to achieve your NCLEX® goals.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Visit FREE NCLEX-RN® PRACTICE QUESTIONS & TESTS to access your free resources and start your journey to NCLEX® success today!

Remember, KANS is here to support you every step of the way by providing a variety of resources. We believe in your potential and are committed to helping you achieve your nursing dreams.

Have another resource we can share to our membership? Email

Best of luck on your NCLEX® exam!

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